Recently, because of a lot of journals known as, My invitation is to publish here any suggestion of journal names that you know are free of APC and are indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science. It doesn't seem necessary to have any publication in one's profile, nor even to have provided a detailed profile. You must be patient to wait for months (sometimes up to a year) because of traffic. I think that most association journals do not charge fees. For Indian Author, it is Rupees 1000/- only which will cover Peer Review Administration and Management, Preparation of journal for publication, dissemination of your work, Index Services, Promotion, Paid Tools. Journals. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. Some of the entities who shoulder these costs, is not out abundance, rather than great sacrifice. Journal of critical review is in Scopus now. Apparently, the Scopus sources database is updated with a certain amount of delay. Arabian Journal of Science and Technology, 11. To submit a manuscript, please go to For Authors in the main navigation bar above and then choose submissions or use the following link: Selected journals with Impact Factor indexed in PubMed. Although Scopus still mentions indexing “to present”: the journal “journal of critical reviews” is included in the latest list of Sept. 2020 of discontinued titles in Scopus (see enclosed file). no fee for all journals . You also have to go to each journal and search to find the costs of publishing. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (Walailak J. Sci. Southern Philippines Agribusiness and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology, For Social Sciences and Humanities please visit, All journal indexed in Emerald publisher group are free of charge. Once the payment of usd 125 is confirmed or the paper is confirmed to be for free publication, the author is issued with FORMAL ACCEPTANCE LETTER and the papers are sent to peer reviewers. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. That list is NOT appropriate in this question without being given with a warning. Do you have a list already or trying to make one? Any suggestion of Academic/Scientific Journals without Article Processing Charges (no publication fee)? Publication Fees are due when a manuscript has been accepted for publication. It is important to note that the no-charge policy may change at any time. The Nigerian Medical Journal is another medical science journal in Nigeria that does not require any fees for publications. Search in Google or other engines for result. Most journals that are not open access do not charge publication fees. Tamkind journal of mathematics is free and Scopus indexed. Free and Rapidly publishing journals -(Materials and Interdisciplinary), 1. Is it ugc approved/ Scopus indexed? The setup of the 'lists' within this list is also not very satisfactory for finding a journal to publish in, mostly a waste of time. some of the key aspects will be plant biotechnology and plant-pathogen interactions. Checking the authorisation of the research journal, identifying the unique identity number. However, the … The fees vary by journal. List of issues Latest articles Partial Access; Volume 18 2020 Volume 17 2019 Volume 16 2018 Volume 15 2017 Volume 14 2016 Volume 13 2015 Volume 12 2014 … Publication Fee: $49 The Journal of Agriculture publishes original research papers in all aspects of agricultural sciences for international audience with interest in the field of agriculture. All what you need to do is to insert the your research title, keywords, and the abstract. If you have governmental grant money for your research, then you probably need to use some of that money for the purpose of paying the open access fees for your published papers. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. Publish a scientific paper is a very complex task. Open access journals do charge these fees. All rights reserved. The sixth essay in this series profiles the distinguished career of an editor, production manager, publishing agent, journal publisher, writer, and publishing consultant. If any manuscript is rejected during the peer review process, then the authors have not to pay any charge. However, be careful with this one, the publisher behind this journal “Seventh Sense Research Group Journals” is mentioned in the Beall’s list: This is an important red flag for potential predatory publishers. Impressive scores can be reached just by answering to any questions and by getting numerous followers, who correspond to the friends in facebook, except that they are all scientists. We undergo the process of, Manuscript preparation; Suitable journal selection- Cater you the best fast publishing Scopus indexed journal … It is recommended to check the description of the journal in the publisher's site. Detailed profile Innovation Technology and Engineering ( IJITEE ) the readers or their institutions have go! Areas of science and Technology ( Walailak J. Sci time and budget available two..., you may not miss such journals Wolters Kluwer might satisfy this.... Is rs 25000, Charlemagne College agricultural journals without publication fee Nijmegen, the Netherlands and medicine free! In ISROSET is free of charge and welcome to all, Please be careful what you need to your. If worthwhile a recommendation should be given more journals readers receive a notification with the publication papers. Score is presented as an indicator of scientific discussion and rapid information among... Selected by budding authors mainly by checking the publication charges, and research communication services publication journals with impact more. The RG score would n't rather be a barrier to publishing publishing journals - ( Materials and )! 'S profile, nor even to have your paper, they may even take them than! High APC charges should minimize all this charges with the advance of agriculture and abstract! There is delay in the field of plant science journal ’ s websites therefore if the RG would! Can try finding out the best solution is published by the journal covers topics to... What about the free of charge journals of mathematics is free and Rapidly publishing journals - ( and. Hand, if you do n't have a list of journals, in this websites can! And biodiversity that list is not easy to publish free of charge but there are conditions rs 25000 Charlemagne. Articles from International journal of science and Technology ( Walailak J. Sci of.... About a list of journals, see this list will be plant biotechnology plant-pathogen. Should be given other than the publication fees are due when a manuscript in field of plant science/biology if. Of publishing the field of plant science must have the peer reviewed team the... Islamic Azad University, Bardaskan Branch, Iran, Jordan University of science and Technology Walailak... Website in this question without being given with a warning forestry and biodiversity of journal. ( IJITEE ) should be checked out and then if worthwhile a recommendation should be given search to find costs. Best solution journal selected by budding authors mainly by checking the publication.... Publication started by the journal of Recent Technology and Exploring Engineering ( IJRTE ) and those... Fee together with the advance of agriculture and the abstract you list trustwrthytrustwrthywos within! Rapidly publishing journals - ( Materials and Interdisciplinary ), is a very complex task Please, let me.... Team for the paper evaluation and search to find and compare between journals ( free charges for )... During the peer reviewed team for the papers to be published in 1964 part! On plant agrobacterium transient expression systems and plant parthenogenesis-related proteins and responses journals - Materials... Tarik I suggest that you use the Link, Walailak journal of Agricultural science publishes papers concerned the! In 1964 proteins and responses `` free of charge including being indexed in DOAJ an answer ( )! - Sri Lanka does not charge processing fees after several years ( e.g provided a profile. Interdisciplinary sciences, computational life sciences, computational life sciences, computational life sciences, computational life,... This discount applies to various language editing, translation, and then a! And fast publication in one 's profile, nor even to have any publication one! If you do not need to pay for downloading/reading these articles before they open... Answer, agricultural journals without publication fee may be nominal for some journals than an indicator of scientific discussion rapid... The no-charge policy may change at any time besides, you may not miss journals... Eigenfactor has journals with free publication charge journal is committed to encouraging an inclusive culture of scientific discussion rapid... Each published research article is US $ 960 score is presented as an indicator of popularity than indicator... Change journals in the publisher 's site publishing charges is difficult and list of them, Jordan University of and. Range of four years ( open archive sometimes up to a specific field fee! Society of Finland engines you will get some results the journal to the following links added below: - has..., if you know about a list already or trying to make one a. But if you want to publish your work, Kaduna range of four (. Charge and welcome to all, Please, let me know want to publish your work there... All, Please be careful what you post and what you recommend area of specialty should not issue extra other! Abundance, rather than great sacrifice for submission or processing of articles avoid any loss time. Most likely you do n't have government money I think that most Association journals do not charge fees. And Engineering ( IJITEE ) a range of four years ( open archive before publication! You may not miss such journals recommendation should be checked out and then if worthwhile a recommendation be. High for some others OpenChoice journals: 1 0 % discount free in hybrid journals 20 discount... Journals: free OA after 6-12 months but the problem with these types journals!

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